Admissions Information

New Year 7 Applications For September 2020

We hope these notes will be of help in explaining why certain items of information are required.

We now request that the application is online. please see the Year 7 application tab.

It is important that every item of information requested on the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) is completed and is clearly legible. This will help us in efficiently processing your application and in the first instance, inviting your child to sit the test in November.

Any family wishing to apply for a place at The London Nautical School (LNS) must complete two forms, the Common Application Form (CAF) from your Local Authority and the London Nautical School SIF. Both forms must be returned by the closing deadline.

Important Dates

Fri 31 Oct 2019

Closing Date - return of SIF to LNS

Fri 31 Oct 2019

Closing Date - return of CAF to your LA

Sat 9 Nov 2019

Admission Test Day at London Nautical School

Mon 2 Mar 2020

National Offer Day

It is essential that our form is completed and returned to us by 31 October 2019 latest and also your Common Application Form is returned to your Local Authority by 31 October 2019.

If LNS does not receive a Supplementary Information Form it will not be possible to invite your child to sit the Admission Test. If the Local Authority does not receive your Common Application Form, London Nautical School will not be able to proceed with your application.

Your Address

This must be the address at which the child lives permanently and full time as the principal residence. This does not include short term rental or lease and does not include the address of a relative or carer, unless they have legal custody of the child. Any change of address during the course of the admissions process must be notified to the school immediately. 

Admissions Criteria

Our Criteria, is:

  • Pupils who are in the care of a Council or provided with accommodation by that Council in accordance with the Children Act 1989, often known as 'looked after children' (a legal obligation). This will include any who are 'previously looked after children' (defined as those who have ceased to be because of adoption, a residence order or a special guardianship order).

    Pupils who already have another sibling on the school roll (including the 6th form) as at September 2020.  Sibling is defined as a full, half or step brother who is living at the same home address, and may include an adopted or fostered child provided they can be proven to be resident at that address.

  • Medical and/or social reasons: applications must be professionally supported.  Medical reasons must be supported by written medical evidence.  The evidence should come from at least two registered health professionals.  An application being made for social reasons must be supported by written evidence from registered professionals such as social workers or other social care professionals.  Medical or social applications must set out the particular reasons why.  The London Nautical School is the most suitable school and what difficulties would occur if the child had to go elsewhere.  Any such applications will be considered objectively by the Admissions Committee of the school based on the evidence provided. Application under this criteria does not guarantee a priority place and cannot be considered without the appropriate supporting evidence.

  • All other pupils


London Nautical School shares Admissions Test arrangements with the following schools: Archbishop Tenision's School, Dunraven School, Lambeth Academy, La Retraite, Lilian Bayliss, Norwood School, Platonos College and St Martin-in-the-Fields School. All nine schools hold the same Admission Test. We aim, in this way, to limit the number of tests children are required to sit.

Your child must only sit the test once, at one school. Please tick only one box on the form indicating where you would like your child to sit the test. Please note you must apply to that school directly in order to be able to sit the Admission Test at that school. If you fail to submit an application direct to the school at which you wish to sit the test, your child may miss the Admission Test Day. Once the test results are known the admission departments collaborate in sharing the test scores for admissions purposes with each of the schools.

Your child must only sit the test once, at one school only. The application of any child who sits two tests is deemed to be invalid by both schools.

Please note that London Nautical School are for boys only. La Retraite and St Martin-in-the-Fields School is for girls only. The other schools are co-educational and applications are open to both boys and girls.

Access And Test Day Arrangements

If your child has any health problems, special educational needs or difficulties regarding gaining access to our buildings that we would need to be aware of for the Admission Test please attach a document to the online form so we are able to make any necessary arrangements to help your child (eg epilepsy, hearing or sight problems, mobility issues, dyslexia or any other relevant special needs). We are unable to provide additional time for the test, but will provide what support is reasonable within the examination conditions. Please note this is only for the arrangements for the admission test day.

Incomplete application forms or failure to provide the appropriate proof of address will result in delays in processing your application.

Children With Special Needs

  • If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan (ECHP) you need to apply by a different process.  If you have not already received a letter from your Local Authority asking for secondary school preferences, please contact them directly.

  • If your child has Special Needs or is on School Action or School Action Plus you should complete the Common Application Form and London Nautical School Supplementary Information Form.

What happens after you have sent in your supplementary information form (SIF)?

  • Please look on the website Under the admissions tab, Year 7 applications, please complete the online form.

  • Once you have completed and submitted your application form to the school we will register your child's details for the Admission Test.

  • If you have returned your application form online, you will receive acknowledgement by return email.

  • If you have indicated on your form that you would like your child to sit the Admission Test at London Nautical School, you will receive a letter and registration card by Friday 1st November 2019 at the latest, giving you details of the time and venue of the Admission Test. If you have chosen for your child to sit the test at any of the other schools (listed above), the relevant school will contact you regarding the arrangements for the Admission Test.

  • After the test, the Admissions department will work together with the Local Authority in applying the admissions criteria and carrying out the processes by which offers are made.

  • On National Offer Day, 1 March 2020, your local Authority contact to let you know which school is able to offer you a place.

  • On 4 March 2020 letters will be sent from London Nautical School to all applicants who have been offered a place or have not been offered a school of a higher preference.

Parents Checklist

Have you:

  • Checked the form is completed in full, clearly and accurately and press the submit button?

  • If this child is under the care of the Local Authority have you attached a court order or similar evidence?

  • Have you completed the Common Application Form and sent it to your Local Authority?

If you have any queries please contact: 

The Admissions Officer,

The London Nautical School,
61 Stamford Street,


Paper copies of Application Form are available on request.