1915 - present
Our Building
In buildings that were originally the 'Benevolent Society of St Patrick' dating from 1820 the site was acquired by London County Council in 1921 and with the addition of a new wing to the existing building incorporated 59 Stamford Street. Our current site originally had a road called "Broadwall" running through it and also went onto encompass the site of the "Stamford Street Unitarian Chapel" which was demolished in 1966 leaving only the Grade II listed portico still visible on Stamford Street today.
The school was founded following the Titanic disaster
New Location
The school occupies the original 'St Patrick's' building which was at the time the 'London School of Printing' and our current building, moving from a smaller school site on "Hatfield Street" (Hatfields) which it had occupied from circa 1943
Sixth Form
The latest edition to the school is our 2003 sixth form block which was built at the same time as the school gave up some of its land to the North that originally formed the footprint of the Unitarian Chapel.